Monday, October 16, 2006


Immigration Reform as The Mid-Term Congressional Election Approaches

I think we were all disillusioned by the Congress's failure to move forward on Comprehensive Immigration reform, or indeed to do anything other than vote to build a fence along parts of the Mexican boarder. The likelihood of anything further being done in the near future is nil as the Republican Party fights for its electoral life. The GOP is faced with high profile scandals (the Foley case and its very interesting subsidiary effects and the continuing residue of the Abramoff affair) as well as discontent around the Iraq War, which has been heightened immeasurably and with impeccable timing by the publicity around Bob Woodward's book. I'm reading the book right now and will report on it next week. I've read a number of his books over the years and have found most of them slow trudges. By comparison this is a real page turner.

In any event, I hope the next Congress has a more realistic, less partisan (perhaps fewer ideologues controlling the debate and in leadership positions?) approach to immigration reform. Maybe then we'll get something done.


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